Vacuum Bagging Film

Our vacuum bagging films have extremely good elongation and strength.

Its auto release property is a huge advantage when direct contact with resin is needed.

These vacuum bagging films have been successfully used in several big project in the wind energy sectors and marine industry.

Material Configuration PA+PE+PA
Temperature 150℃
Tensile Strength ≥350MPa(along width)≥380MPa(along length)
Appearance Yellow
Maximum Elongation 400%
Thickness 50 microns/ 65 microns
Available Widths 100 cm, 150 cm and 200 cm


Lay flat Tubing film (LFT)

We also supply LFTs.

These are sealed on two sides and available in

50 microns and 65 microns thickness.

Commonly used widths are 700, 800, 1000 mm