PVC Foam Core

We supply closed cell structure PVC foam cores.

  • These are widely used in combination with carbon fiber cloth/prepregs to form strong and light composites.
  • Wide range of densities available ; 45-250 kg/m3
  • Compatible with a wide range of resin systems including epoxy, vinylester etc.
  • Ideal for marine application, wind blades, sports goods, high speed train, aerospace etc..
  • High chemical and moisture resistance
  • Close cell structure, hence almost no resin absorption
  • High temperature processing (prepreg compatible) ; Upto 100 degree celsius ;
  • Long term working temperature : -240~+80
  • Good compressive strength and stiffness
  • Produced according to international standards

Closed cell PVC foam core

We also supply custom sized sandwich panels made using these cores and carbon/kevlar/glass fiber skins.

Foam Core TDS