Fiberglass Prepreg

Our fiber glass prepreg is manufactured using glass fiber cloth and epoxy resin. This is the same resin also being used for our carbon and kevlar prepregs. You will absolutely have no issues using these three prepregs together.

Just like carbon and kevlar prepregs, glass fiber prepregs also have plastic film and paper backing.

Specification of fiber glass prepregs

Dry Weight
Resin Content Final weight
200 Plain/twill 40% 330 1m
400 Plain 40% 666 1m

Minimum order quantity is 100 sq. meters

Methods of Curing

Our Prepregs are extremely convenient to work with and can be processed in a variety of methods:

  • Autoclave
  • Out of Autoclave
  • Heat-press moulding
  • Heat-shrink wrapped

Ideal curing process for our prepregs
Once you take out the prepreg from freezer, let it defrost overnight.

For curing, first cure it at about 80C for about 30 minutes

Then raise to 120C, for 120 minutes.. If 130 C, only 60 minutes. About 4 hours if at 100 C

Wait untill the temperature lowers to 60 C , then remove mould

Storage and Transportation

Our Prepregs can be stored at room temperature for about a month hence do not require freezer bags for transportation. But if you store it in a freezer at about -18°C then it can last more than 6 months.