Prepreg is a widely used term for carbon/kevlar/glass fiber cloth impregnated with a controlled amount of  Epoxy resin.

The prepregs are prevented from curing by storing in freezers. Prepregs though can also be stored at room temperature, Ours can be stored at room temperature for about 4-5 weeks. This is why our prepregs can be transported without freezer bags.

Prepregs need to be cured at very temperatures to obtain the required shape and strength.

Our Prepregs can be cured at 90-150 degree celsius.

Unlike other suppliers, all our prepregs are protected with wax paper on one side and PE film on the other. This helps in preventing dusts and enhances the surface look of the cured parts.

Today, there are prepregs made from Kevlar fabric and glass fiber fabrics as well.