Hand Lay-Up Epoxy

This epoxy resin is used in hand-lay up process.

Based on tg and curing temperature, we have two categories of hand lay-up epoxy resin.

Room temperature Curing Hand lay up Epoxy Resin
Model: CALT-5089
Tg: 75-85 ℃
Viscosity at 25℃ : 800-2000 cps
Flexure Strength: 100-125 MPa
Curing condition: 24 hours at 25℃ (initial cure) + 6 hours at 70℃ or 4 hours at  50 ℃(initial cure) +  6 hours at 70℃ (post cure)
Medium Tg Hand lay up Epoxy resin
Model: CAML-5115
Tg: 100-115 ℃
Viscosity at 25℃ : 200-300 cps
Flexure Strength: 100-130 MPa
Curing condition: 5 hours at 50℃(initial cure)+ 5 hours at 100 ℃Applicable in making moulds


Options on Hardener

  •  Fast : 30-60 minutes Pot life
  •  Slow: 100-120 minutes Pot life

We can ship these products to any country by air or water. For air shipping, we mostly use Fedex and costs about 10 USD per kg.

Please contact us for further information.