Kevlar Honeycomb Cores

Kevlar Honeycomb cores are applicable in building sandwich panels where requirement for strength-weight ratio is the highest. These are almost 40% stronger than its Nomex equivalent.

Key Features of Kevlar Honeycomb Core

Kevlar Honeycomb Cores

  • Manufactured by the impregnation para-aramid(kevlar) papers  with heat resistant phenolic resin.
  • Mechanical Strength is stronger than Nomex by about 40%
  • Improved resistance to fatigue and abrasion
  • Improved Corrosion Resistant
  • Good insulator of electricity and heat
  • Flame Retarded
  • Thickness starts at 2.5mm
  • Two kinds of cell configuration available: REGULAR HEX(RH) and Over expanded(OX)

Key Specifications of our Kevlar Honeycomb Cores


Cell Size

in mm

in inches

3.2,  4.0,      4.8

1/8,  5/32,   3/16



in Kg/m3

in b/ft3

40,   48 ,  64,  80, 96, 128

 2.5,  3.0, 4.0 , 5.0, 6.0, 8.0


Sheet Size

in mm

in Inches

1220×2440  1300×2600   1600×3200

48×96”       51×102”      63×126”

As you can see in the above table, we are able to supply kevlar honeycomb cores in various densities and cell size. Standard sheet size is 50×100 inches which can be customized according to your needs.

We also build sandwich panels using these Kevlar honeycomb cores and carbon/kevlar/glass fiber skins.

Applications of Kevlar Honeycomb Core

  • Boat Hulls, Ship panels
  • Racing cars, trains,
  • Military equipments like tanks, drones, guns etc.
  • Aircraft galleys, Quadcopters etc.

Here’s TDS for Kevlar Honeycomb Core